by WarriorFit Athlete LLC
The BEST Firearms &
Self-Defense Training
in the Big Country
forging elite personal defense
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Let's be honest...
Passing the 15 yard qualification course to obtain
your LTC is a stark difference from the
mental and physical demands
and skills needed for success
in a gunfight
or deadly-force self-defense scenario.
To protect yourself
and/or your family,
you need to expand on the LTC curriculum
and progress toward complete competency
and confidence in your firearms skills.

Coach Tim Pipes possesses skills, experience,
and training that no one else in the Big Country
can match or provide.
In Coach Tim's Basic Pistol Course, learn safe, consistent, foundational
firearms skills to build on the very basic LTC curriculum.

Applicants MUST have successfully completed the
Texas License to Carry handgun course,
be in good standing with the TX DPS,
and show proof of completion and good standing
with their current TX LTC ID card,
or be active LEO/Military.
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Written for the CrossFit Journal
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