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You know... the realities are upon us:

Viable personal defense skills are the single greatest skills that you could ever possess and hope to never have to use.

TRUE self-defense.

You have found the Big Country’s
BEST firearms & self-defense training available.

And the BEST training that I can offer you after 26+
years of professional experience dealing
directly with human violence + 17 years of teaching, coaching, and instructing combatives for Law Enforcement, SWAT, Military/DOS, and civilians alike.

As a personal defense specialist AND
an experienced instructor and coach,
it is my goal to help make YOU better and safer.

…through fitness, awareness, fear management, and personal defense skills
including personal weapons for close-quarters protection, and firearms.

Register ASAP below for a course
to continue your preparation.
Here is what WarriorFit Athlete
can offer you to make you safer:

Basic Firearms - Pistol


Custom weaponless strategies/
weapon retention

Specialized per agreement

Advanced Firearms - Pistol

Special Qualifications apply
Check the TRAINING SCHEDULE for scheduled courses

Coming soon: Intro to Pistol - Foundations

Virtual training:
For the beginner
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